Trust Administration

You know you have a properly drafted and funded trust and that probate will generally not be required.  You also know that your successor trustee must still take steps to administer the trust.  You are concerned that your trustee will lack the time, resources or knowledge to personally administer the trust.

This is a situation where you may want to call upon legal assistance professionals.  Our lawyers can:

  • Contact beneficiaries and keep them informed
  • Gather the trust-maker’s assets
  • Pay any debts
  • Notify potential creditors
  • File and pay taxes
  • Distribute the assets and/or income in conformity with trust provisions to beneficiaries and others

It is in a successor Trustee’s best interest to consult with an experienced trust administration attorney before taking any action that could be considered unwise or unduly favor one beneficiary over another.  Our team of lawyers at the Law Office of Jason L. Pintar has the hands-on experience to smoothly handle any trust administration matter freeing you of a time and legal burden.