Estate Administration

You are concerned that when you die, there will be no one to gather the assets of your estate, pay your debts, and distribute the assets that remain in the estate.

Our team of trusted attorneys can help:

  • Gather assets and obtain appraisals as required
  • File the inventory in a timely manner
  • Pay creditors
  • File estate and income tax returns and payment of taxes, if any
  • Distribute remaining assets to beneficiaries
  • Close the estate by filing a final account or certificate of termination in a timely manner

Due to the complexity of the law and the legal problems that are involved in estate administration, it is strongly recommended that all fiduciaries seek legal counsel.  Good legal advice and guidance can expedite the probate process, prevent costly error, and protect against the fiduciary being sued.  The Law Office of Jason L. Pintar is ready to stand by your side on all aspects of Estate Administration.