You have heard that probate rarely benefits your beneficiaries and it always costs them money and time.  Whether to spend your time and effort planning to avoid probate depends on a number factors such as age, your health, and your wealth.  If you’re in your 50’s or older, in ill health, or own a significant amount of property, you will probably want to do some planning to avoid probate.

Our attorneys can:

  • Administer the mandated steps required by law that the person in charge of your estate must follow if you die with a valid will.
  • Navigate the long and many times difficult court supervised probate process if you die without a will.

Our office is well-versed with the probate court process and can make an emotional time for all much easier to handle.

Nonprobate Transfers

You know that probate is time-consuming and expensive.  You are seeking ways to transfer property outside of probate upon your death.  Although living trusts remain the best means of transferring property outside of probate, there are nonprobate transfers that are easier to implement.

The Law Office of Jason L. Pintar can show you how to mix-and-match these nonprobate transfers with a trust and will.

  • Payable-on-death (POD) financial accounts
  • Transfer-on-death (TOD) registration for stocks and bonds
  • Transfer-on-death real estate deeds
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Joint tenancy
  • Community property with a right of survivorship for married couples and CA registered partners
  • Lifetime gifts

Call us for more information on how to implement nonprobate transfers as an alternate way of avoiding probate.