San Jose Divorce Attorney

San Jose Divorce Lawyer
The decision to obtain a lawyer is never easy. There are many facets to a divorce and taking the steps to work through these times may be difficult. By hiring the right San Jose divorce lawyer, you can help facilitate your divorce proceedings and avoid possible confrontations and complications.

We want to help you get past this trying time with as little difficulty as possible. Once a decision for divorce has been made, we recognize your need for prompt attention and decisive action so that both parties can move on with their lives and begin anew. We will work with and for you to ensure your case is handled with wisdom and care for all parties concerned.

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Jason L. Pintar work with all type of family law issues, including:

  • Spousal Support
  • Distribution of Property
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • and more

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Just as no two people are alike, no two divorce proceedings will be the same. Our committed legal staff sees each couple in their care as individuals, not routine divorce cases. As divorce is a legal process, there are procedures for litigation that must be met, paperwork to be filed and legal agreements to be signed. However, you are never rushed into making your decisions nor treated as another statistic in our office. Your happiness in getting the positive results you desire is well worth the extra time and effort we extend on your behalf.

We cannot change your past, but we can do our best to have a positive impact on your future through providing competent divorce services. We will effectively guide you through the myriad of details involving your divorce case so you can make responsible and knowledgeable decisions. Our commitment is to help you work towards an amicable settlement that appeals to you both and enables you to establish a positive outlook for your future.