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Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Jason Pintar brings his creative energy and a focus on practical solutions to your challenges and opportunities in Estate Planning, Conservatorships, Probate, Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody.

San Jose Estate Planning Attorney

You care about your family’s future. You want your loved ones cared for. You rightfully want your wealth preserved.

Our team of estate planning lawyers in San Jose are dedicated to:

  • Preserving your wealth and assets for your loved ones.
  • Minimizing your estate taxes.
  • Ensuring your plans and desires are carried out.

California’s probate laws and Federal tax laws can make an estate plan needlessly complex. This complexity can leave your estate vulnerable to estate taxes and burdensome bureaucratic processes. We work with our clients to develop estate planning goals for themselves and their families. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to achieve their goals using tax sensitive and practical methods. Whether you are single or married, young or old, having one of our experienced lawyers prepare the proper estate plan can provide a high degree of safety and security for you and your family.

San Jose Family Lawyer

San Joes Estate Lawyer

The decision to obtain a divorce is never easy. There are many facets to a divorce and taking the steps to work through these times may be difficult. By hiring the right San Jose divorce lawyer, you can help facilitate your divorce proceedings and avoid possible confrontations and complications. We want to help you get past this trying time with as little difficulty as possible. 


Once a decision for divorce has been made, we recognize your need for prompt attention and decisive action so that both parties can move on with their lives and begin anew. We will work with and for you to ensure your case is handled with wisdom and care for all parties concerned. Knowledge, experience and the desire to negotiate are desirable traits in a family lawyer. 


However, an experienced litigator with local court expertise is the best defense against an unreasonable spouse or parent. Finding a specialist in this field protects the client this year, next year and many years from now. A conscientious divorce lawyer will utilize his professional abilities and skills to handle the technical side of your divorce and his gift of compassion and understanding to help meet your emotional needs.

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