You have someone close to you that you believe is no longer able to handle his or her own care.  You are concerned that this individual can no longer manage his or her financial affairs.  You believe your loved one may become vulnerable to less than trustworthy people.

Our team of attorneys can help you establish a conservatorship to protect your loved one’s financial interests.  We can:

  • Initiate conservatorship proceedings for adults
  • Prepare reports to the court
  • Represent the conservator
  • Contest the validity of the conservatorship
  • Contest  the appointment of a particular conservator
  • Initiate conservatorship mismanagement actions and other related litigation

Whether you are requesting conservatorship of a person, conservatorship of an estate, conservatorship of the person and the estate, or limited conservatorship for the care of a person who is developmentally disabled, we are there by your side to lead you through this complex process.