San Jose Family Lawyer

San Jose Family Law Attorneys

Family law professionals form partnerships with their clients.  Unlike other areas of law where the attorney performs a service, these professionals work hand-in-hand with their clients for years providing guidance, emotional support and court appearances.  Many people hire an lawyer based on the legal advice they give, experience in dealing with the child support, custody and divorces, ability to communicate and empathy.  Because family law issues deal with the heart, the best partner is cool headed, compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced.

The attorneys of the law offices of Jason L. Pintar are experienced negotiators and quickly uncover hidden agendas, unresolved issues and weak positions.

We work with all type of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • and more

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Knowledge, experience and the desire to negotiate if possible are desirable traits in a family lawyer.  However, an experienced litigator with local court expertise is the best defense against an unreasonable spouse or parent.  Finding a specialist in this field protects the client this year, next year and many years from now.

Locating competent help to deal with the complex, legal maze of child care, property division and financial restitution feels difficult, but shouldn’t be.  A family law representative able to communicate with worried people, has empathy for everyone involved in the process, understands the legal consequences of actions and deals daily with family courts is the answer.  The right spokesperson makes a wonderful partner during this time of trouble and uncertainty.


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